Girls Movie Night

First official day of vacation after an epic weekend. Dinner with my wifey Angela in the City, followed by an epic girls movie marathon at the Metreon with my lovers Lolah & Amoo. I couldn’t think of a better way to kick off my week of relaxation!

Reunited with my wifey Angie

After a long dinner catching up, Angela and I walked through the Fi Di posing as concubines from this historical Chinese drama we have both recently become obsessed with. Its good to know that even though its been ages since we last met, we can still pick up where we left off and act completely ridiculous like old times.

I rushed to the Metreon to meet Lolah & Amoo for our mini movie marathon. First up was Paranormal Activity 4. First thought РAHHHHH!!! Second thought: wait, really? The movie seemed promising as the intensity built up, but the ending was just a big W.T.F moment for almost everyone in the audience. All of us were probably thinking the same thing Рwait really? Did I pay 12 dollars to see this? All I can say is, Paranormal Activity 1 pulled it off by being refreshing. By this 4th installment, it seems like they have really run out of things to make spooky. The ending was abrupt, terribly ridiculous, and extremely anticlimactic. I would not recommend this movie.

The next movie we saw (for me, the second time) was Wreck-it Ralph. What an interesting juxtaposition. I loved it even more the second time around. It is seriously the most interesting, creative, fun, original and well-executed animation I have seen in a long long time. Its perfect for anyone, regardless of age, gender or movie preference. We came out feeling like little girls again.

Hanging out with these two brings me instant joy.

What a happy Monday!