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Nomming with Mr. Potatohead

Despite working through the weekend, I was in high spirits. Highlights of my nights are always my food journeys with the boyfriend.


How can I be stressed after seeing this face? 🙂

Tanto! 🙂 and nomming Booboo.

Stuffing our faces = #1 Hobby of the Potatoheads. Teehee 🙂


Gary Danko: The Ultimate Fine Dining Experience

Gary Danko, the epitome of San Francisco fine dining grandeur. Today, I had the honor of enjoying the ultimate Gary Danko experience. The service was impeccable. The decor was exquisite. The food was orgasmic.

nom nom

Pork tenderloin.

Selection of artisan cheeses. Wowzers.

French Macaroon Ice Cream.

Even the bathroom was gorgeous.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Above are five thousand. Happy Birthday Auntie Amy, and I feel honored to have been one of your guests.


Dun Dun Dun.

Work work work. Work, sleep, eat, daydream, more work.

Then eat. 🙂 That pretty much sums up my life these days.

Max’s with Sylvia!

When I do eat, I go big or go home. Sylvia and I strolled around and settled on another date at Max’s. I ordered french onion soup, and being a total fatty, chicken pot pie. The soup comes first, and is the perfect cheesy concoction of onions, soup, and well..cheese. Lots and lots of it, just the way I like it.

Then came the star of the show…..

Holy catfish. Sylvia has kindly provided the juxtaposition with her hand.

OH. MY. GAWD. It was bigger than the size of my head. I was definitely not expecting this.

QQ. Chicken Pot Pie > Moi.

Food makes me so happy. 🙂


How do you define Happiness?

I’ve always wondered about the definition of happiness. There are billions of quotes and different definitions of happiness strewn all over the internet & canons of literature, but I’ve struggled to find that one perfect definition. Today, I still don’t know if there is such a thing.

What I do know is, happiness is when I chow down on a curry beef bread bowl from the Mongkok Cooked Food Market, happily slurp up the boba in my Come Buy Pearl Milk Tea, chomp obnoxiously on flaming hot cheetos, nom-nom on Cheeseboard pizza, or devour a hearty Chipotle Steak Fajita Burrito Bowl. Basically, whenever I eat yummy foods. But there’s more: I’m happy when I sing, read a good book or watch a funny movie, chat up a storm with my dear friends, blog, and when I’m with my boyfriend K.

I’ve never written directly about happiness because something about expressing it directly in words just feels a bit…cheesy. But cheesy or not, I felt like today’s post should be dedicated to happiness.

Yesterday night will always be a stamp of happiness in my memory bank. I don’t know how I got so lucky to be so loved and cherished by someone special.

Thank you for the delicious dinner at Linguini Fini, the beautiful escape from ghetto college dorm with the butterfly room at Hop Inn, the romantic stroll around TST, the beautiful Tiffany’s necklace, and the amazing film you made that rendered me absolutely speechless. Thank you for the 40923849038 buns we greedily picked up this morning at my favorite Panache Bakery, and I am so looking to devour every single one tonight for din din with you. 

Piggy Potatoheads, Year 1.


Taipei Day 2

Well, technically Taipei Day 1.5.

Last night, after arriving in style via Hello Kitty jet, we took the City Airbus into Taipei, and taxied to our amazing cute and cozy hostel room right across the street from Shilin Night Market. Nice hardwood floors, comfy mattress, nice wardrobe with HANGERS, cute bathroom…and even an adorable mosquito net curtain. Turns out, it was definitely not just there for decoration. Many bug bites later, we made great use of this lovely contraption.

Decked out in Hello Kitty, from the plane exterior to the food!

Hostel Room :)

Even though its been awhile, Taipei just makes me feel at home. I strolled into 7-11, picked up a couple salmon/pork floss onigiris, a meat baozi, and my favorite Bing Cha Shi Oolong Milk Tea. Breakfast was simple, but delicious. For a second, it was like I never left.

We MTRed to Taipei Main Station to catch the Royal Bus up to Jin Shan. Farrah recommended me this amazing hot springs resort called Tien Lai, so I decided to take K there to unwind and comfortably settle in. The bus ride up around millions of curves and hills took quite a while, but our hot spring experience was worth every minute. We jumped from cold pools to hot pools, enjoyed more little fish warm springs, slid down the huge water slide, and even ventured into the nude hot springs. Very interesting!



I guess we were too large we scared everyone else away

What a G


We got back to the city around 5, where the bus dropped us off directly in front of Jian Tan MRT. Althought it wasn’t peak hours of operation yet, we decided to start our Shilin Night Market adventures!

For the next 5 hours, we covered almost every nook and cranny of the night market. We ate 棺材板 (Coffin Cake), 蚵仔煎 (Oyster Pancake, which I’ve been dreaming about since I left), 大腸包小腸 (Big Sausage in Little Sausage), 起司馬鈴薯 (Cheese Potato), Egg Cake, Malaysia Pulled Tea in a bag, 滷肉飯 (Minced Pork with Rice), and Fried Milk. We even found my favorite pearl milk tea place, 50 嵐 (50 Arashi)!

Exotic Milk Tea in a Bag?

I was sad that the underground go-kart racing, electric matador bull, and arcade had closed down a year ago, but comforted myself with some retail therapy :)! Conquests include two cute dresses, a pair of low black heels, cute gladiator-esque sandals, and some cute Taiwanese eyelashes. I love Taiwan!!!

My feet hurt, my tummy is happily stuffed, and I am unwinding on my comfy hostel bed. Its only Day 2 (1.5), but I’m already having such a blast!


Last night, we minibused it to Central and walked around exploring the area. We stopped at Tsui Wah Restaurant for dinner. It was AMAZING…probably the best cha chan teng experience EVER. The Malaysian curry brisket and chicken wings were to die for!!!!

Central - A City of Lights

Best Chicken Wings I've Ever Had


After an extremely delicious and satisfying meal, we decided to explore central on foot and burn off the calories. We window shopped, gawked at interesting displays and unique artwork, and stopped for some authentic “Gui Ling Gao” (turtle black jelly). We scouted out some yummy places to add to our food bucket list, and then I did a little shopping at the “Princess Shop”. The shop was so cute and had pretty trendy clothing. K & the sweet shop owner conversed in Cantonese while I tried on a number of chic items. I ended up purchasing a light blue cardigan and a purple shirt (I later noticed the tag said Forever 21! LOL ), and was a pretty happy camper. We ended up wandering to Soho and going up a million escalators on Shelley Street, taking in the vibrant night life and sights around us, only to walk back down another million stairs…Off we went to Mickey D’s for some chocolate sundaes and a place to rest our feet for a bit.

K & I @ Central

He makes me happy 🙂

Around 12 we headed to Beijing Club to meet up with our friend Stanley, and met Jamie, Kat, Roy, Brendan, and …oops forgot his name :(. The club was pretty nice, although super packed. Stanley booked a table so we gathered around chatting (shouting due to the LOUD music) and sippin’ a HUGE bottle of Moet. The music was decent, so K & I had fun dancing :). It’s been awhile since those Taiwan Luxy/Primo/Spark days! I even found out I actually had met one of the girls previously before at Berkeley; what a small world!

We got back around 3, and I was proud that my tolerance went up (from .5 shot wonder to 1 shot…) since I was only a little dizzy. My flatmates got back a little later, and we ended up congregating in the kitchen all slightly intoxicated eatting ramen and dropping chopsticks. We ended up having a really nice chat before all heading off to knock out.

I dragged myself out of bed to take the shuttle to school for my 9 30am with Arden, my flatmate and fellow Cal Bear. The class seemed interesting enough, and I got a chance to witness first hand the horrible slow servers that get clogged by intense HKU students trying to get into their ideal tutorial times.

I have two more classes today – Management & Sex + Intimacy in Modern Times (should be interesting!). Then I will hopefully successfully find my way to North Point to see Karen before she leaves HK at 6pm!!! Stay tuned! 🙂