So Much To Be Thankful For: Thanksgiving 2012.

I have so much to be thankful for. My family, my friends, my travels, my experiences, my hobbies. I am so so so thankful on this special day.

I find it extra meaningful that I made a formal decision on Thanksgiving. After singing long into the night with good friends, I came back, got on my computer, and signed a very important piece of paper.

On my way 🙂

I drove to San Mateo for a delicious lunch at ABC with my boyfriend, his mommy, and his sister. Afterwards, K & I drove to SF to do some exploring. 🙂

San Francisco, why are you so beautiful?

K = King of the Jungle

🙂 Mr. P’s Kissy face is too adorable.

Queen of Jungle *beats chest and hoots*

Pretty flowers for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving DinDin with K and his FamBam 🙂

After the most delicious dinner EVER, we all sat back food coma-ed on the couch and watched 127 Hours. Intense, intense movie that didn’t quite sit well with all the mac-and-cheese and mashed potatos in my tummy. But James Franco was brilliant.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!