SF Escapades with Lolah & Amoo!

I’ve been looking forward to today for ages. For lunch, I joined Kasey’s two lovely aunties for a date in San Mateo at China Bee Restaurant. It was AMAZING, and I loved hearing about all of K’s embarassing childhood stories. Hehe.

The sweetest aunties you will ever meet.

Food was to die for.

Plus, they blessed me with good luck so I nabbed the prime parking real estate right in front of the restaurant. After a lovely lunch, I headed to Daly City Bart, plopped myself on the Richmond line, and found myself chilling with crazy hobos at 16th Street Mission. Excellent.

Thankfully, Laura arrived – with my adorable birthday present! Awwww ❤ Amoo joined soon after, and we headed toward our #1 destination – Tartine Bakery. Their desserts are legendary. The bread pudding, coconut cream pie, giant cookie…….*swoon*.

We grabbed all our delicious eats and decided to take advantage of the gorgeous weather. Make-shift picnic at Dolores Park it was!

Summer is Back.

Probably my favorite picture. So happy.

We sprawled out on the grass, sharing our Tartine goodies and catching up on life. I almost felt like we were back to our good old NetApp days…that glorious Summer 2011.

And of course. What could be better than topping that off with Bi-rite Creamery?



We sat and devoured our salted caramel, creme fraiche, and honey lavender (absolutely divine). Ice cream is life. Life is wonderful.

Of course, the natural craving that arises after ice cream would definitely be…alcohol. Not random at all. We headed to the nearest bar, which turned out to be this quaint Japanese tapas bar. There’s soju, sake, and chochu. Caramel flavored? Sounded promising. In reality? Downright disgusting.

Unfortunately, being the one shot wonder I am, I was completely gone.

Before I lost consciousness.

So it was as a maniacally cackling, wobbling, and crazy drunk that had to protected by Amy that I was reunited with my boyfriend and Albert. Wonderful…it was only after we arrived 40 minutes past our reservation at Marnee Thai that I finally regained a part of my dignity. 😦 The sad sad fate of a one-shot wonder.

Dinner was delicious. Clearly, Amy really liked the food.

Happy Amy!

The restaurant wasn’t huge, but it was homey and the owner personally made her way around to greet every table. Every dish was cooked with care and attention to detail. All 6 of our tummies (K’s counts as two :P) were warm, fuzzy and satisfied when we left.

We decided to watch Perks of a Wallflower in Daly City, but not before a quick Teaway DIY boba pit stop. We plopped into our seats and sat back happy and fat and enjoyed the movie. Perks of a Wallflower was VERY good. The actors were great, and Emma Watson really broke out of her ‘Hermione’ image. The plot twists, motifs, musics, and screenplay were top-notch. What a masterpiece.

Amazing, amazing day. 🙂





The working life continues. After quite a long day filled with very…interesting customers and phone calls/emails flying in from every direction, I finally got into my car and started the lovely drive up to San Francisco.

When I got to my boyfriend’s house, I opened the garage door to this sight:

Guai boy 🙂

I was so proud of my boyfriend. For four hours, he meticulously waxed and scrubbed his baby until it was sparkling clean. They say a boy’s first car will always be their special baby. I see that now 🙂

Kasey’s Aunt Sheron joined us for a delicious dinner at Burma House. The restaurant was exquisite, but packed with people. When I sunk my teeth into the roti and delicious house noodles, I fully understood why.

Roti & Nutella. Mhm.

Highly recommended! It was such a great place to relax, eat delicious wholesome (kind of) food, and spend some quality time with some of my favorite company.


Uniqlo SF Grand Opening

There’s so much going on in SF this weekend – LitQuake, Fleet Week, Castro Street Fair, etc etc. Obviously, we went in with the intent to hit as many events as we could, but ended up oversleeping to the max, pigging out at Squat & Gobble, and stepping out from the car – BART adventures around the City woohoo!

My attractive boo at breakfast. Squat & Gobble for lots of NOMNOM breakfast food!

BART adventures through the city.

Random escapades around the City are always fun, but the highlight of our day was definitely the Uniqlo Grand Opening in the downtown. I don’t think I’ve ever waited in that long of a line to go shopping. After this delicious line, we proceeded to explore Uniqlo’s humongo 4 floors (the layout was suspiciously similar to H&M Hong Kong’s…) and wait in more lines – the fitting room line, the waiting for boyfriend to finish checking himself out in fitting room line, and the check out line. FUN. But in the process, I got to be the overexcited gf picking out 290384092384093 clothes for my poor bored boyfriend to try. We also became fascinated with the main floor’s prime attraction – the Magic Mirror! You can model certain jackets and the technology will change the colors for you in your reflection! So cool!

HOLY CATFISH. the line for Uniqlo. *drags booboo*


30 minutes alter….ready to shop! 9.99 jeans here we comee

Grand Opening was a smashing hit I must say

Prime Time Attraction: Magic Mirror that changes color.

Happily sporting his new swag from Sugah Mama Monie

Uniqlo was tons of fun – as much as K would not want to admit. He ended up spending longer than me in the fitting room with his clothes (shhh haha) and we ran into a bunch of his high school friends which was cool. I also ran into Patrick and his gf while in line. Of course, number one thing out of their mouth: 9.99 jeans!




I’m truly blessed. Thank you to every one who called me, texted me, facebooked me, or contacted me through one way or the other to wish me a happy birthday. 🙂

First off….waiting for Looper to start.

I had an amazing day. First of all, my daddy decided on Wednesday night that he would fly back a bit earlier before his client meetings to make it on my birthday. Secondly, I have the best boyfriend in the whole wide world.

For lunch, I was reunited with my daddy, mommy, and K at New Port Restaurant. We ate dim sum, laughed at each other, and cam-whored to the max. My parents also got me a rather…interesting tiramisu cake that we nibbled.

Very Important People 🙂

 When K & I got back up to Pacifica, I walked up to his room to put down my stuff, and came across this. *Strokes Beard*.

Birthday Surprise for Molah..

K came up behind me and with a mysterious smile, urged me to go ahead and open it. I went up and peered inside. Oh. My. God.

“My Goal is to Make Your Life Easier”. :’) ❤

Proud Owner of My New Power-Toy 🙂

It did not end there. I was stunned beyond belief.

For dinner, K instructed me to dress up. He emerged looking dapper with his suit and leather shoes, while I threw on a red dress and heels. He escorted me to his car like a true gentleman, and informed me that we were going to ahem…’Burger King’. We headed into the city, found parking, and I found myself walking with K down California Street in the Financial District. The suspense was building up, as were my blisters from my killer heels.

He slowed his steps, but didn’t stop. We strolled forward until we slowly came to a stop. He turned me around, opened the door for me, and then offered me his arm. We had arrived at our ‘Burger King’, otherwise known as Michael Mina Restaurant, Esquire’s Restaurant of the Year 2011.


It was amazing. The stellar service, beyond delicious food, attention to intricate detail, and amazing company made it a night to remember. The hors d’oevres were exquisite, and the kona kampachi sashimi featured tiny pomogranate bursts and 3-year-old POWDERED soy sauce for extra seasoning (I was mind-blown). My Maine Lobster Pot Pie blew me away, as did K’s Cook Taste Eat Featured Chicken dish. Wow. Just wow.

🙂 Thank you Potato! And thank you Ilan for your birthday present – I will cherish this bag forever and ever.

After a stroll around downtown, K led me back to the car and took me on a scenic late night drive through the city. As we drove through the lights of San Francisco, the clock ticked to midnight and my 22nd birthday drew to a magical close.

Thank you Mr. Potatohead, for being the best boyfriend one could ever hope for. ❤


Cheek Swabs in the Club & Donuts with Dan

Today, I signed up to be a bone marrow donor in a night club. At Shine Lounge in San Francisco, I did my 4 cheek swabs, filled out my paper work, and officially joined the Bone Marrow Donor Registry. It was quite an interesting location to sign up, but I’m so glad K & I were finally able to make this drive together.

Donor Form.

We signed up in support of Jeremy Kong, an adorable 2 year old who was recently diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia. He is in a desperate search for a bone marrow match. However, ethnicity is a key factor in finding the match. Currently, only 7% of the national bone marrow registry is Asian, and only a bit more than 1% is Chinese. Jeremy is ethnically Cantonese, and he is desperately looking for a match. If you are reading this and you want to help, please learn more about how you can help at: http://www.aadp.org/

Jeremy’s personal story and blog can be found at: http://thekongfamily.net/jeremy/

In support of Team Jeremy

I pray that this adorable little boy with a beautiful heart will find his match soon.

To celebrate a lovely night, we decided to say hi to Dan, now a very new SF resident, and show him one of the late night treasures of SF – Bob’s Donuts. Open 24/7, hole-in-the-wall, heavenly smell of freshly made baked goodness, crazy long lines at 2am — that’s what I’m talking about. We drooled over the giant donut in line as the irresistible smell wafted up our nostrils and set our senses on fire. One old fashioned, one lemon meringue, and one chocolate glazed donut for breakfast later…I was a very very happy camper.

Dan & I happily chomping away!


Happy Fatty Back at Home.



Simple Birthday Celebrations

Happy Birthday Auntie Sheron!

After work, K and I headed up to Pacifica together. He brought the cake and I took care of the present – a warm and snuggly bathrobe in her favorite color :). We sang Happy Birthday, cut and ate the cake, and sat back on the sofas to watch The Avengers together.

Delicious PB Cake & Our Napa Valley Dessert Wine = Match Made in Heaven

Days like this make me so so happy.


Frisco Sundays: Fillmore, Group K, & Date with Mr. Potatohead

I love Sundays, San Francisco, and singing. Today = my 3 favorites rolled into one. I headed to Fillmore to meet up with the legit bay area karaoke crew Group K. Our room was packed – some people were friends, but most of us were complete strangers bound together by the power of music. Epic epic afternoon that quickly turned to evening.

A romantic dinner date with Mr. Potatohead (who also tagged along graciously for Group K) followed. We chose Tataki, a sustainable sushi bistro over in Pacific Heights. K usually hates sushi, or any seafood for that matter, citing the fact that ‘they are ugly’. *Faint*. Well, today he was a gentleman and we dined and wined over delicious sashimi and sushi rolls.

Fresh. and eco-friendly!


unique dessert mochi

Loving Cup Again – his mehh concoction with banana walnut.

After our delicious dinner, of course it was time for Loving Cup, a quick run to Teaway, and then back to dear old Pacifica. At the ungodly hour of 5am in the morning, I drove down the Peninsula to get ready for work. At least Mr. Potatohead was sweet and made me breakfast.