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Back in Student Zone: Fall 2012 TSA K-Con

After work today, I jumped into my car, threw myself in the middle of the atrocious 880N traffic, and spent 2 terrible hours navigating accidents, horrible drivers, and generally nightmarish traffic.

But I made it! Evans 10, 2012 TSA Bi-Annual Karaoke Contest, I am back! As a member of audience this time, but nevertheless it felt great to be back in that environment. I squeezed into the 5th row next to Tiffany, and it was like I never left.

Nicely done, TSA Fall 2012 Team! 🙂

There was a raffle, and I felt like I was in a daze when they called out the exact numbers of my raffle ticket. I had won the grand prize – a Thanksgiving trip to Livermore!  What…I never win anything. Score! Pretty ironic though, since I am no longer a student. It felt good to be back on that stage though.

Selecting finalists for Final Round!

After KCon, TK and I headed to Asian Ghetto for some late night chow. Over Thai Basil, we caught up and reminisced about the good old days until late into the night.

I drove back down 880 in crazy rain and hail, with a semi-broken windshield wiper at something like 2AM. But I couldn’t help grinning from ear to ear. Tonight was great 🙂

Makes for a memorable journey when u cant see much..woohooo


Visiting Berkeley

Visiting Berkeley the day before the start of a new semester as an alumni feels…strange. I’m still walking the same streets, hanging out with the same old friends, and eating the same delicious foods. Everything’s the same…except not.

Angeline’s Louisiana Kitchen, one of my favorite restaurants in town, remodeled 5 months ago and I had no clue. Great China and China Village, two of my go-to Asian restaurants have burned down to to accidental fires. The Safeway in North Berkeley is under major construction. Everyone walking by with a backpack looks like they are 15.

Nevertheless, it was great catching up with old friends, piling up on a friend’s bed to re-watch Bridesmaids together, and revisiting old go-to places.

Oh, and I finally got my paws on a whole Cheeseboard pizza. With Tiffany and Chris, I grabbed my precious pizza minutes before they closed, dropped both friends off, and sped back over the Bay Bridge with the sweet sweet fragrance of wholesome Berkeley pizza wafting up my nostrils. Felt sort of like a rite-of-passage.