Waterford Crystal Event!

Today was the day of my Waterford Crystal Event, featuring Waterford Crystal’s Design Director Jim O’Leary. Every year, Jim flies in from Ireland to connect with American lovers of Waterford and their timeless Lismore cut.

It was a smashing success. Jim was so sincere, knowledgeable, and an all-around sweetheart. He gave a wonderful presentation on Waterford, and settled down with a glass of wine for product signing. The refreshments and wine were just the right portion, the audience loved it, and the line to talk to Jim and get their Waterford signed never stopped filling with people.

:’) Thanks to a great team that put this together.

I was a bit starstruck, as Jim created many of Waterford’s most popular collections. My favorite is the 10-year collectible edition of Snowflake, with a new color of flute every year.

Over the course of the afternoon, Jim and I became friends. When it was slower, we would chat about our interests, career track, and life decisions. He told me about working his way up for 23 years with Waterford, from an apprentice crystal cutter to Design Director. I told him about my confusions regarding career, my past experiences, and my love for travel, books & music. He told me he understood, and that everyone needs time & experience to mold their own path. Then he recommended that I read Life of Pi.

🙂 Jim & I

I left work that day with 3 new personally autographed pieces Waterford Crystal, a new friend, and a brand new appreciation for fine crystals and collectibles.

At this stage of my life, I’d still much rather drop a few grand on a trip somewhere to Asia. Africa. Maybe Europe. Peru? But I definitely understand, and appreciate the allure of fine craftsmanship much much more.

Thank you Jim.





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