Back in Student Zone: Fall 2012 TSA K-Con

After work today, I jumped into my car, threw myself in the middle of the atrocious 880N traffic, and spent 2 terrible hours navigating accidents, horrible drivers, and generally nightmarish traffic.

But I made it! Evans 10, 2012 TSA Bi-Annual Karaoke Contest, I am back! As a member of audience this time, but nevertheless it felt great to be back in that environment. I squeezed into the 5th row next to Tiffany, and it was like I never left.

Nicely done, TSA Fall 2012 Team! 🙂

There was a raffle, and I felt like I was in a daze when they called out the exact numbers of my raffle ticket. I had won the grand prize – a Thanksgiving trip to Livermore!  What…I never win anything. Score! Pretty ironic though, since I am no longer a student. It felt good to be back on that stage though.

Selecting finalists for Final Round!

After KCon, TK and I headed to Asian Ghetto for some late night chow. Over Thai Basil, we caught up and reminisced about the good old days until late into the night.

I drove back down 880 in crazy rain and hail, with a semi-broken windshield wiper at something like 2AM. But I couldn’t help grinning from ear to ear. Tonight was great 🙂

Makes for a memorable journey when u cant see much..woohooo



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