Date with Amoo & Diploma Day

Today was wonderful. I had a great lunch with a new friend I met through my old coworker, and our conversation was quite inspiring.

Of course, the highlight of the day was my date with Amoo and her adorable cheeks.

Why are you so cute?

We started at Adobe and moved quickly to SJ Omogari Korean Restaurant. It was DELICIOUS, and very decently priced. The meat-jun was a very unique, sweet-ish meat dish. Our clay pot soup was also tasty. Oh man, how I’ve missed Korean food and the yummy side dishes! The restaurant had a very homey feel, and provided us with complimentary green tea ice cream.

Next stop: Cafe Lattea, followed with a tour of Cupertino and Downtown Saratoga. We moved to Paris Baguette to nab some half off delicious pastries, check out Snow Ice. Then, I took Amoo for a tour of my cozy home nest 🙂

Time flew, and it was time for our last stop: Tea Era in Mountain View. So many good NetAppo memories – boba runs and happy hours and Castro Street shenanigans!

I returned home to a package from UC Berkeley. 6 months after my graduation, I have finally received my college diploma. Better late than never 🙂



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