Road Trippin’: Big Sur & Carmel-By-The-Sea

Beautiful Big Sur

Big Sur is beautiful. Sometimes, its just amazing to get away. Doesn’t matter how far, as long as its somewhere away from your everyday bubble.

Bixby Bridge!!! 🙂
GIANT redwoods.

While we were there, the weather went bipolar on us – sun, fog, wind, rain, storm. The full spectrum of nature, unleashed. I loved it. Carmel was beautiful. Old memories with Andrea floated to the surface – exploring Carmel Plaza, nibbling on little sweets from the little chocolate boutique, and making out way down Ocean Avenue to the Beach.Our little reward after our annual Monterey Defense Language Institute field trips. Good times. K and I started our Carmel journey at the beach, and made our way through downtown.

It was cold. BRR.
New memories ❤
Flashbacks and memories from 2006 & 2007 🙂

Quaint, intricate, peaceful, and beautiful. After our long drive back up, we were greeted by the irresistible aroma of hamburgers, freshly cooking on the grill. My new roommate Jenny and her friends Chris & Dave served as the Iron Chefs of the night. Amazing amazing cheeseburgers and rosemary fries, and amazing amazing good company.

Amazing day!



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