The Draw of Comfort

The most common addiction in the world is the draw of comfort. It wrecks dreams and breaks people.

After I started working full-time, I found myself feeling complacent. I would come home at odd hours exhausted and jaded, wanting nothing more but to curl up in bed with a good book or movie. It felt good that way, but as the days and weeks went on I realized how many friends and opportunities I had shut out of my life for the sake of crawling back to my comfort zone every night after work. I’ve had many conversations about this with several of my working friends, and it appears to be the common trend. Now that we are starting out in our careers, everyone wants to do a good job at work. But when we come home, that urge to just flop onto the couch and do nothing becomes so powerful. Before we know it, our days are filled with all work, eat, sleep, and maybe the occasional hangout. The drive fades. The need for self-improvement gets put on the back burner. We put things off for ‘tomorrow’, thinking that it will always come and there will always be time.

Today, I went out to HanHai Investments, a top US-China VC Firm in San Jose for a Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs Toastmasters meeting. I volunteered as a timer and sat in the front row as I listened to speeches, Table Topics, and evaluations. There were speeches about awareness and meditation, personal tales of saving lives in Africa, and anecdotes about teaching English on a remote island near Siberia. There were amazing eloquent speeches, and there were beginner speeches with a slew of ums-ahs-and awkward pauses. But overall, it was enlightening. Here were people rushing in on their lunch hour from all walks of life, united with one goal in mind – to improve themselves. Improve their presence, improve their engagement with the audience, improve their speech content. Improve their confidence. It was wonderful.

I don’t want my dreams to fade over time.



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