Festive Tuesdays

One word to describe today: festive. I had so much fun at today’s Holiday Potluck at work. We played little holiday games, my Vice President blasted holiday jams from her Ipad, and everyone pigged out on the diverse food offerings – Afghan fried rice, green bean casserole, salads, to homemade peppermint bark cookies and a delicious vanilla cake. Even though we hunkered down to business for the next few hours, it was pretty obvious everyone was in high spirits.

YUMMY! Not even half of the table. I contributed the three large cartons of panda express.

After a great day at work, I headed to Saratoga to meet up with my childhood friend Jonathan. Its been….11 years? 11 years since I moved across the country from New York to California. JJ has been there from the start.

We grabbed Baskin Robbins and took a drive down memory lane through Saratoga, grabbing a bite at a lovely old Thai bistro JJ used to frequent. Then, we headed to Flames in downtown San Jose to meet up with John and his friends for happy hour. It was already 9pm, but they had just gotten off class. The life of a mechanical engineering grad student….must be tough.

Today was a good day. šŸ™‚



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