A Memorable Monday

I rolled out of my bed frazzled and stressed out – having slept through my 13 alarms for 6:55AM, 6:57AM, 7:01AM, 7:05AM, 7:06AM…you get the gist. I hastily got ready and flew down the stairs. I grabbed an energy bar and headed out to my car. I floored the engine and went rice racer all the way until Central Expressway. Then, my heart sank. Traffic was atrocious. We simply were not moving. Every red light that could be red was. Every Caltrain that could have passed did. I texted my mentor with an apologetic message that I may be late due to traffic.

As I sat moving 2 MPH through Mountain View and 3 miles of delightful construction to Alma Street, my mentor texted back “Wait, did you not receive my memo that we are working 11AM-8PM today?” Um…no? But okay! Since I was already in Palo Alto and had already suffered through all that traffic, I decided to make the most of my morning. I drove to Town and Country, and plopped down at a cute coffee table in Douce France. Over fresh fruit and french toast, coupled with a rich cafe mocha, I caught up on news and various social networking sites on my Ipad. What an amazing morning.


I walked into work relaxed and in spirits, only to find out I am presenting my final project proposal to the entire management team at 1PM. Oh…okay. Since I had that amazing French Toast, I was ready for anything.

It went exceptionally well. To celebrate, Sylvia and I decided to dine out at Tomo Sushi from some Japanese lunch special goodness.


To walk off the calories, we found ourselves back in the Apple Store. There, Sylvia made a huge decision.

To get black or white?

We shall see when she gets her upgrade!!! Woohoo so excited for her! 🙂

To top off my very memorable monday, K took me out to Shanghai Garden for this precious babies:


This Monday was quite a memorable one. 🙂



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