19 Month Anniversary!

It was a beautiful sunny Saturday morning in Palo Alto today. Even the fact that I had work from 1-10PM could not put a damper on my wonderful mood.

I started out my day meeting Rick for brunch at Crepevine. Over strawberry nutella crepes and eggs benedicts, my old friend and I caught up and discussed the start-up market. Its been almost year since we last caught up, and I’m glad he is still as passionate as he was about his startup and obtaining VC funding. Working tirelessly for the goal, all day every day. Very inspiring.

After brunch, we took a stroll down University to admire the brand new Apple Store for its Grand Opening. The place was swarming with press, onlookers, and inquisitive customers. Apparently shortly after I left, Tim Cook made quite a splash by showing up at the door.

Shiny and sleek.

I was soon greeted by K with his 19 month offering–er gift. Nike FUEL BAND!! :DDDDD Thank you sweetie!

Happy 19 Months Booboo!

I breezed into work in high spirits and, despite emerging 9.5 hours later, ended my Saturday walking on clouds as I headed to Shoreline Century Theaters to watch Pitch Perfect with K. Acapella, music, and stories about finding and cultivating passion. 5 Stars in my book.

I headed back to prepare for Lolah’s arrival – SLEEPOVER TIME!!!



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