Those Simple Dates.

Simple, comfortable, and happy dates. After a long day at work, hopping into our respective cars from our respective work locations to meet each other at another location. Greetings with hugs and kisses. Walking to the restaurant hand in hand, and taking way too long to decide what to eat as usual. Usually an appetizer to share, followed by an entree or two that we end up sharing too. A small scuffle ensues on who gets the bill this time, followed by a long serious talk about where to get dessert.

Piggyback rides. Silly races to the next red light. Yelping the yummiest dessert place. Inside jokes and slapstick humor. 🙂

Harumph. I ended up finishing all his cheesy rice.

2 desserts for his tummy.

Oh, those simple dates. 🙂



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