3-Hour Dim Sum, Roomie Bonding & Disney On Ice!!!!!!!

Finally, the day has come. The night that I have been looking forward to for the past few weeks – DISNEY ON ICE at Oakland Oracle Arena!!!!! 🙂 Mickey, Minnie, Ariel, Mulan, Pumba….AND with the delightful company of my favs Lolah & Amoo!

First up, was my 3 hour dim sum with Chris. The last time I saw him was on the side of highway 280 where we found ourselves chatting long after AAA had left…so it was time to take our conversation to a real restaurant table. Therefore, over taro buns and chive dumplings at Hong Kong Saigon Restaurant, we caught up. He showed me his picture book of his recent travels to South Africa & Dubai, and they were BEYOND epic. I flipped through pages and pages of incredible shots – them on the real African safari with roaring lions, experiencing the sunset of Abu Dhabi, having a blast at Ferrari World. Simply breathtaking. My wanderlust is back with a vengeance. When we parted ways, I turned on my engine and did a double take – 3:13. We had met around noon. Good times 🙂

I rushed back for some roommate bonding time with my apartment-mate Annie at Cafe Lattea, before rushing up my favorite highway 880 N (-_-) towards Oracle Arena. Traffic, crazy Raiders fans, and many frozen minutes later, Lolah, Amy & I found ourselves descending the steps of the Arena.

Arena of Magic

NetAppo Gang ❤

And obviously, during intermission, we would sneak down to better seats. Almost front row seats!!!

Pumba, up close and personal (kinda)

Disney On Ice was….magical. I felt like a kid again. It was such an amazing escape with reality.

We decided to top off our epic night by grabbing dinner. On our Yelp map, we picked a random pointer and landed on a place called Old Weang Ping, smack in the middle of East Oakland. Hmm…Why not? It turned out to be the best Thai food I have outside of Thailand, hands down. It was an adorable hole-in-the-wall in a residential neighborhood. Even the restaurant hut itself looked like it was build from scratch. We pulled open the door and found ourselves in a lovely garden with little windy path that led to the main room. The ambience was cozy, exotic, and welcoming. The owner greeted us as our server, and we soon learned that his wife would be our chef. So adorable! We ordered quite a bunch – coconut milk soup, sticky rice, duck curry, Thai style veggies…..every item was spectacular. I will definitely be back.

This was definitely a Sunday to remember ❤



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