Castro Nights with Yifan

Today was crazy and hectic…until K came to visit and took me out to Neiman Marcus Cafe. 🙂 There’s nothing like the fantastic combo of hot bread pudding, chicken broth, gourmet food, and great company to turn around my day!

Neiman Marcus Cafe! 🙂

After I returned to work happy and content, I discovered these:

Nomnomnom! On the company har har

More yum for my tum.

After work, I headed for my favorite South Bay street to unwind and catch up with my dear old friend Yifan. We opted to try something new and checked out Agave. Chill ambience with sports fans peppering the latin music with grunts and cheers as their eyes remained glued to the giant TV that just happened to be placed above my head. Haha!

Catching up with Yifan always keeps me grounded. He is always able to draw from his experiences and enlighten me with his insight. I’m in the process of making a lot of huge decisions in my life right now, and a different perspective with solid arguments was great to hear. As for Agave, my rating would be 2 out of 5. Overpriced, slow service, and pretty stingy. We ordered a simple guacamole & chips appetizer, and it was tiny. We quickly ran out of guacamole (I am guacamole nomnom monster) and asked for a refill. Our server flashed an apologetic smile and replied that he would need to place a whole new order in. Then he promptly started to sell their special steak, obviously the most expensive item on the menu. Shakes my head.

After walking off some calories, we headed to Red Rock Cafe for some open-mic night goodness. Today was Teen Open Mic Night, so obviously we felt slightly like pedos. Even more so when the average age was 16 and the only other adults were parents. Awkward…Nevertheless, we had a blast. Music knows no age, and there were some surprisingly amazing voices on the stage. I walked out impressed by all of this budding music talent in the South Bay.

RRC! 🙂


Our next stop was Century Theaters for 7 Psychopaths. It was eccentric, loosely tied together, overrun with motifs, wonderful, and hilarious. It also actually made me think. Walking of that theater, Yifan and I found ourselves analyzing film elements and suddenly felt super nostalgic about the days we taught Chinese Cinema Decal at Berkeley. Good times, good times indeed.



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