Gotta Love Those Random Days Off: Marie Callendar’s, Lattea, Gochi Tapas & Pinkberry!

Lucky for me, as a byproduct of those crazy 9-day straight work weeks I got another day off this week. WOOHOO! After some crazy errand running, K & I had a lovely lunch date at Marie Calendar’s. We even took home a Lemon Meringue Pie! Mmm mmm mmm. Then, I headed to Cafe Lattea to meet up with Steven, and ended up running into a whole bunch of old friends like TK & Vickie. 🙂 How nostalgic – it made me think of those good ol’ student days.

I was even more nostalgic when K & I headed to Tapioca Express to double date with Steven & Chaami. So many good times when I used to come back and chill here on weekends.

Our New Motivation, Steven! Weight Loss Champion!

The clock ticked to 6 and we were off again to Gochi Tapas, for a long awaited dinner reunion with Sam!


Gochi has never failed to impress me throughout the years. They even decluttered the menu so I wasn’t as overwhelmed by their extensive selection. The duck, crab cake mochi, curry gratin and the unagi pizza were my absolute favorites!!!! We were lucky to even our bar seats, as K & I overheard the host taking a phone reservation for November 1st. Popular much!?

After dinner, it was only natural that we would take Sam back to our beloved Cafe Lattea!

🙂 Back in Norcal!

Syphon Coffee Maker

We sipped our taro lattes and silky milks, caught up some more, and all became engrossed in the syphon coffee making process that was happening on the other side of the counter. Sooo cool. Syphon Coffee fell out of ‘style’ for American coffee makers in the 1960s, so it was very interesting to see this unique ‘vacuum’ style of coffee brewing with a very expensive and chic Japanese set.

After we successfully creeped out the coffeemaker, we headed out to Pinkberry for some more sugar happiness. The fattilicious life just never ends on my days off.

The boys. And of course K would be pigging out.

Today was definitely a good day.



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