A Booboo Kind of Day: Daddy Leaves, Big Boss Visit & Accident Report.

My day started off on a pretty 😦 note. I drove over to my parent’s apartment for breakfast, and helped my dad finish the last of his packing. I brought him my “peace & love note”, our little tradition for whenever he comes to visit.

My Note for Daddy with our family sheep portrait. Moo.

Dont leave 😦

It was a sad drive to SFO, but I know Daddy Weng will be back for his next visit soon :). After dropping him off, I rushed back and got ready. Big Boss Visit Day from the District! I stepped into my favorite work dress, heels, and grabbed my pearl necklace.

The visit went well. Our meetings were dynamic and productive, and there was cake. Nom nom nom. Everything was going fine and dandy when I came out of the meeting with my colleagues. Chatting about numbers, I was happily strolling along when.. BAMMM!! I swear the sound resonated around the room. Ooops. I walked straight into a glass/metal fixture……..

How embarassing!!! 😦 Especially an hour later, when I finally noticed that I was bleeding. Klutzy AND oblivious. Wonderful combo. I got some Jamba Juice with some multivitamin boosts, and got ready to file a mandatory employee accident report. Description? Manager was walking with group and walked into fixture. Some bleeding.

I wanted to crawl into a hole 😦




One thought on “A Booboo Kind of Day: Daddy Leaves, Big Boss Visit & Accident Report.

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