SF Escapades with Lolah & Amoo!

I’ve been looking forward to today for ages. For lunch, I joined Kasey’s two lovely aunties for a date in San Mateo at China Bee Restaurant. It was AMAZING, and I loved hearing about all of K’s embarassing childhood stories. Hehe.

The sweetest aunties you will ever meet.

Food was to die for.

Plus, they blessed me with good luck so I nabbed the prime parking real estate right in front of the restaurant. After a lovely lunch, I headed to Daly City Bart, plopped myself on the Richmond line, and found myself chilling with crazy hobos at 16th Street Mission. Excellent.

Thankfully, Laura arrived – with my adorable birthday present! Awwww ❤ Amoo joined soon after, and we headed toward our #1 destination – Tartine Bakery. Their desserts are legendary. The bread pudding, coconut cream pie, giant cookie…….*swoon*.

We grabbed all our delicious eats and decided to take advantage of the gorgeous weather. Make-shift picnic at Dolores Park it was!

Summer is Back.

Probably my favorite picture. So happy.

We sprawled out on the grass, sharing our Tartine goodies and catching up on life. I almost felt like we were back to our good old NetApp days…that glorious Summer 2011.

And of course. What could be better than topping that off with Bi-rite Creamery?



We sat and devoured our salted caramel, creme fraiche, and honey lavender (absolutely divine). Ice cream is life. Life is wonderful.

Of course, the natural craving that arises after ice cream would definitely be…alcohol. Not random at all. We headed to the nearest bar, which turned out to be this quaint Japanese tapas bar. There’s soju, sake, and chochu. Caramel flavored? Sounded promising. In reality? Downright disgusting.

Unfortunately, being the one shot wonder I am, I was completely gone.

Before I lost consciousness.

So it was as a maniacally cackling, wobbling, and crazy drunk that had to protected by Amy that I was reunited with my boyfriend and Albert. Wonderful…it was only after we arrived 40 minutes past our reservation at Marnee Thai that I finally regained a part of my dignity. 😦 The sad sad fate of a one-shot wonder.

Dinner was delicious. Clearly, Amy really liked the food.

Happy Amy!

The restaurant wasn’t huge, but it was homey and the owner personally made her way around to greet every table. Every dish was cooked with care and attention to detail. All 6 of our tummies (K’s counts as two :P) were warm, fuzzy and satisfied when we left.

We decided to watch Perks of a Wallflower in Daly City, but not before a quick Teaway DIY boba pit stop. We plopped into our seats and sat back happy and fat and enjoyed the movie. Perks of a Wallflower was VERY good. The actors were great, and Emma Watson really broke out of her ‘Hermione’ image. The plot twists, motifs, musics, and screenplay were top-notch. What a masterpiece.

Amazing, amazing day. 🙂




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