The working life continues. After quite a long day filled with very…interesting customers and phone calls/emails flying in from every direction, I finally got into my car and started the lovely drive up to San Francisco.

When I got to my boyfriend’s house, I opened the garage door to this sight:

Guai boy 🙂

I was so proud of my boyfriend. For four hours, he meticulously waxed and scrubbed his baby until it was sparkling clean. They say a boy’s first car will always be their special baby. I see that now 🙂

Kasey’s Aunt Sheron joined us for a delicious dinner at Burma House. The restaurant was exquisite, but packed with people. When I sunk my teeth into the roti and delicious house noodles, I fully understood why.

Roti & Nutella. Mhm.

Highly recommended! It was such a great place to relax, eat delicious wholesome (kind of) food, and spend some quality time with some of my favorite company.



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