Family Fun

Before I met up with Elex for our little musical adventure, I had a lot of fun spending quality time with my Daddy, Godfather & Godmother George & Bo Mu.


My Godfather George is a living miracle. At 65+, he is healthy as can be. 16 years ago, this was not the case. When we first met after my family moved to Huntington, Indiana, my godfather was suffering from terminal liver cancer. He had 2 sons, but he had always wanted a daughter. So he took a liking to the mischievous little tomboy I was. When I was told I had to wait another year to enroll in 1st grade because my birthday fell after the cut-off date for 1st grade enrollment, George spend hours at the District Admission Office with my IQ test results begging them to not waste a year of my potential. Because of him, I graduated college as Class of 2012.

Fast forward 16 years, George is cancer-free, full of life, and is a master at making Chinese steamed buns. He promises me that one day he will share with me his craft!


2 of my top 3 lovers ❤

I love my family & friends.





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