Uniqlo SF Grand Opening

There’s so much going on in SF this weekend – LitQuake, Fleet Week, Castro Street Fair, etc etc. Obviously, we went in with the intent to hit as many events as we could, but ended up oversleeping to the max, pigging out at Squat & Gobble, and stepping out from the car – BART adventures around the City woohoo!

My attractive boo at breakfast. Squat & Gobble for lots of NOMNOM breakfast food!

BART adventures through the city.

Random escapades around the City are always fun, but the highlight of our day was definitely the Uniqlo Grand Opening in the downtown. I don’t think I’ve ever waited in that long of a line to go shopping. After this delicious line, we proceeded to explore Uniqlo’s humongo 4 floors (the layout was suspiciously similar to H&M Hong Kong’s…) and wait in more lines – the fitting room line, the waiting for boyfriend to finish checking himself out in fitting room line, and the check out line. FUN. But in the process, I got to be the overexcited gf picking out 290384092384093 clothes for my poor bored boyfriend to try. We also became fascinated with the main floor’s prime attraction – the Magic Mirror! You can model certain jackets and the technology will change the colors for you in your reflection! So cool!

HOLY CATFISH. the line for Uniqlo. *drags booboo*


30 minutes alter….ready to shop! 9.99 jeans here we comee

Grand Opening was a smashing hit I must say

Prime Time Attraction: Magic Mirror that changes color.

Happily sporting his new swag from Sugah Mama Monie

Uniqlo was tons of fun – as much as K would not want to admit. He ended up spending longer than me in the fitting room with his clothes (shhh haha) and we ran into a bunch of his high school friends which was cool. I also ran into Patrick and his gf while in line. Of course, number one thing out of their mouth: 9.99 jeans!




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