I’m truly blessed. Thank you to every one who called me, texted me, facebooked me, or contacted me through one way or the other to wish me a happy birthday. πŸ™‚

First off….waiting for Looper to start.

I had an amazing day. First of all, my daddy decided on Wednesday night that he would fly back a bit earlier before his client meetings to make it on my birthday. Secondly, I have the best boyfriend in the whole wide world.

For lunch, I was reunited with my daddy, mommy, and K at New Port Restaurant. We ate dim sum, laughed at each other, and cam-whored to the max. My parents also got me a rather…interesting tiramisu cake that we nibbled.

Very Important People πŸ™‚

Β When K & I got back up to Pacifica, I walked up to his room to put down my stuff, and came across this. *Strokes Beard*.

Birthday Surprise for Molah..

K came up behind me and with a mysterious smile, urged me to go ahead and open it. I went up and peered inside. Oh. My. God.

“My Goal is to Make Your Life Easier”. :’) ❀

Proud Owner of My New Power-Toy πŸ™‚

It did not end there. I was stunned beyond belief.

For dinner, K instructed me to dress up. He emerged looking dapper with his suit and leather shoes, while I threw on a red dress and heels. He escorted me to his car like a true gentleman, and informed me that we were going to ahem…’Burger King’. We headed into the city, found parking, and I found myself walking with K down California Street in the Financial District. The suspense was building up, as were my blisters from my killer heels.

He slowed his steps, but didn’t stop. We strolled forward until we slowly came to a stop. He turned me around, opened the door for me, and then offered me his arm. We had arrived at our ‘Burger King’, otherwise known as Michael Mina Restaurant, Esquire’s Restaurant of the Year 2011.


It was amazing. The stellar service, beyond delicious food, attention to intricate detail, and amazing company made it a night to remember. The hors d’oevres were exquisite, and the kona kampachi sashimi featured tiny pomogranate bursts and 3-year-old POWDERED soy sauce for extra seasoning (I was mind-blown). My Maine Lobster Pot Pie blew me away, as did K’s Cook Taste Eat Featured Chicken dish. Wow. Just wow.

πŸ™‚ Thank you Potato! And thank you Ilan for your birthday present – I will cherish this bag forever and ever.

After a stroll around downtown, K led me back to the car and took me on a scenic late night drive through the city. As we drove through the lights of San Francisco, the clock ticked to midnight and my 22nd birthday drew to a magical close.

Thank you Mr. Potatohead, for being the best boyfriend one could ever hope for. ❀



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