Last Day of 21

Today was my last day of being 21. I celebrated with the Melt for lunch. Gourmet sweet tortilla soup, a perfect serving of perfectly grilled colby jack cheese sandwich, and chips. Simple, sweet, and just right.

The Melt. My Fav ❤

At work, I was able to take advantage of my Chinese skills to sell our new products and rewards program to an influx of Chinese customers. Several were visiting entrepreneurs on a 9-day Business Exchange at Stanford University. More sales, items per transaction, and some interesting conversations on the Chinese consumer market. Good day.

After work, I drove home, did laundry, and cleaned my room. Then, I rushed to Elephant Bar to meet my mentor Stephen for drinks. As always, he provided me with so much food for thought. He challenged my perspectives on career, lifestyle, and opportunity costs, and probed me to think harder and longer on some of the decisions I am thinking to make. He also taught me and K, who joined later, a ton about the Super Bowl, the AFL and the NFL. Its been more than a decade under his mentorship, but I still learn something new every single time. Its amazing.

Stephen & I

After all the intellectual stimulation, K & I decided to kick off the start of my birthday with a late night showing of Looper.


Can’t think of a better way to finish being 21.



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