Inspiration over Breakfast

This morning, I rolled out of bed, went through the usual motions, and hopped into my car. I grabbed my secret unmarked bag – 1 thing that symbolizes me, and 1 thing that represents what I’ve learned at work so far.

I pulled into the Marriott Hotel parking lot, got confused with multiple corporate events going on at the hotel, and ended up parking myself in the valet lot. Sylvia met me in the lobby, I smoothed my red pencil skirt, and we headed to the Champagne Room together. Today, I had the honor of joining an informal breakfast with two distinguished executives from my company: Scott & Des. It was truly inspiring. They were down-to-earth, sincere, and truly interested in what we had to say. The food was also delicious.

Scott & Des both shared their career trajectories, as well personal stories of their growth throughout the years. At the end of the breakfast, Des passed out a colorful goody bag to each of us. Smiling, she told us that the bag contained our key to success with our careers. I peered inside curiously, and was surprised at what I saw inside. Playdoh, with Laffy Taffy. Des continued, Playdoh reminds us of the key to success – being moldable.

When you are launching your career and in pursuit of success, don’t forget to be moldable, be flexible, and don’t forget to have some good fun while you are at it. 



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