First of October: Mooncakes & Round Things

Team Potatohead.

I woke up this morning and smiled to myself upon the realization that my boyfriend and I are starting to look like twins.

Then I sat back against the wall and looked at my calendar. Time flies. I couldn’t believe it is October already. So much has happened these first 9 months, I was taken aback just thinking about what I’ve experienced, the places I’ve gone, the changes I’ve been dealing with. Therefore, I decided to pig out on a moon cake.

Beast of a Mooncake.

This scrumptious beast of a mooncake had 4 egg yolks, was literally dripping with deliciously fatty oil, and was gigantic. Every part of it ended up in my tummy, as I took some time to contemplate life.

I drove to work, did my usual hectic routine, and drove back. A few hours of meditation and deep thought later, I was awakened from my reverie by Lil Wayne…followed by my mommy’s voice over the phone. Ten minutes later, I found myself holding a steaming hot box full of delicious meat moon cakes.

Meat Mooncakes.

Happy belated Moon Cake Day, and Happy October.



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