Happy Halloween!!!!

Minnie says Happy Halloween!

My entry for our Annual Halloween Contest

Today was fun. My favorite AST Supervisor Kelvin, or ‘ZIN’ πŸ™‚ was my partner-in-crime and we took charge of coordinating the company’s Annual Halloween Contest. Best assignment ever!! Zin was a gangster and I was Minnie Mouse. Great combo! Together, we walked the floors and took pictures of everyone decked out in costume.

My partner in crime!

Cutie Kimberly!

After work, I had a special visitor – my dear friend Alan!!! πŸ™‚ We nomnomed at Cheesecake Factory, after a pretty hilarious failed Yelp attempt at finding a good sushi place. Then, in spirit of Halloween, we were off to watch Sinister. Dun Dun Dun….




Festive Tuesdays

One word to describe today: festive. I had so much fun at today’s Holiday Potluck at work. We played little holiday games, my Vice President blasted holiday jams from her Ipad, and everyone pigged out on the diverse food offerings – Afghan fried rice, green bean casserole, salads, to homemade peppermint bark cookies and a delicious vanilla cake. Even though we hunkered down to business for the next few hours, it was pretty obvious everyone was in high spirits.

YUMMY! Not even half of the table. I contributed the three large cartons of panda express.

After a great day at work, I headed to Saratoga to meet up with my childhood friend Jonathan. Its been….11 years? 11 years since I moved across the country from New York to California. JJ has been there from the start.

We grabbed Baskin Robbins and took a drive down memory lane through Saratoga, grabbing a bite at a lovely old Thai bistro JJ used to frequent. Then, we headed to Flames in downtown San Jose to meet up with John and his friends for happy hour. It was already 9pm, but they had just gotten off class. The life of a mechanical engineering grad student….must be tough.

Today was a good day. πŸ™‚


A Memorable Monday

I rolled out of my bed frazzled and stressed out – having slept through my 13 alarms for 6:55AM, 6:57AM, 7:01AM, 7:05AM, 7:06AM…you get the gist. I hastily got ready and flew down the stairs. I grabbed an energy bar and headed out to my car. I floored the engine and went rice racer all the way until Central Expressway. Then, my heart sank.Β Traffic was atrocious. We simply were not moving. Every red light that could be red was. Every Caltrain that could have passed did. I texted my mentor with an apologetic message that I may be late due to traffic.

As I sat moving 2 MPH through Mountain View and 3 miles of delightful construction to Alma Street, my mentor texted back “Wait, did you not receive my memo that we are working 11AM-8PM today?” Um…no? But okay! Since I was already in Palo Alto and had already suffered through all that traffic, I decided to make the most of my morning. I drove to Town and Country, and plopped down at a cute coffee table in Douce France. Over fresh fruit and french toast, coupled with a rich cafe mocha, I caught up on news and various social networking sites on my Ipad. What an amazing morning.


I walked into work relaxed and in spirits, only to find out I am presenting my final project proposal to the entire management team at 1PM. Oh…okay. Since I had that amazing French Toast, I was ready for anything.

It went exceptionally well. To celebrate, Sylvia and I decided to dine out at Tomo Sushi from some Japanese lunch special goodness.


To walk off the calories, we found ourselves back in the Apple Store. There, Sylvia made a huge decision.

To get black or white?

We shall see when she gets her upgrade!!! Woohoo so excited for her! πŸ™‚

To top off my very memorable monday, K took me out to Shanghai Garden for this precious babies:


This Monday was quite a memorable one. πŸ™‚



I absolutely love sleepovers. They are just so much fun. Laura and I ended up sleeping at 3AM, enjoying our girl talk, trying on different face and eye masks, and just having a blast in general in our fuzzy PJs. Since I just purchased a super comfy pink body pillow and gel memory foam contour pillow, Laura got to be my guinea pig and ‘break them in’ for me.

In the morning, we woke up right on time and headed to Paris Baguette for a lovely breakfast.

PB Cheese Danish. Yum!

After a delicious breakfast, I headed off for work in a wonderful mood that lasted throughout the day. Even working through the weekend can be fun if you have amazing friends, delicious food, and exciting escapades to keep you going!


19 Month Anniversary!

It was a beautiful sunny Saturday morning in Palo Alto today. Even the fact that I had work from 1-10PM could not put a damper on my wonderful mood.

I started out my day meeting Rick for brunch at Crepevine. Over strawberry nutella crepes and eggs benedicts, my old friend and I caught up and discussed the start-up market. Its been almost year since we last caught up, and I’m glad he is still as passionate as he was about his startup and obtaining VC funding. Working tirelessly for the goal, all day every day. Very inspiring.

After brunch, we took a stroll down University to admire the brand new Apple Store for its Grand Opening. The place was swarming with press, onlookers, and inquisitive customers. Apparently shortly after I left, Tim Cook made quite a splash by showing up at the door.

Shiny and sleek.

I was soon greeted by K with his 19 month offering–er gift. Nike FUEL BAND!! :DDDDD Thank you sweetie!

Happy 19 Months Booboo!

I breezed into work in high spirits and, despite emerging 9.5 hours later, ended my Saturday walking on clouds as I headed to Shoreline Century Theaters to watch Pitch Perfect with K. Acapella, music, and stories about finding and cultivating passion. 5 Stars in my book.

I headed back to prepare for Lolah’s arrival – SLEEPOVER TIME!!!


Trina’s Bday!

Woke up dazed from too much Netflix, meds, and cooties from sick boyfriend.


I dragged myself to work, and surprisingly had a super productive and good day! Efficiency was at max level, and things ran smoothly all day. We even had a delicious ice cream cake during turnover, courtesy of my favorite coworker (aside from Sylvia of course) Trina’s birthday. Trina is our incredibly kind, gorgeous, fun, and successful cosmetics manager, and I love her to bits.

After finally getting off work at 10 30PM, I rushed back to get ready for her birthday celebration in downtown Campbell. I met her super cool boyfriend, and we were joined by our other coworker Andrew. I had an absolute blast.

Birthday Girl & I! ❀

Me & Andrew’s ‘couple pic’ ❀

Omg I wish I became close to these two earlier. They are awesome beyond words. ❀


Quiet Days Off

This morning my boyfriend woke up to find his voice completely gone. His throat was itchy, his nose was stuffy, and he was feeling majorly under the weather. 😦 Since it was my day off, twas the time for me to nurse him back to health.

This one. 😦

Cough drops, dayquil, covers, noodle soup & Paris Baguette kind of day. And of course, watching movies on Netflix in bed. πŸ™‚