Celebrating 1.5 Years in Napa: Castello di Amorosa, Getting Drunk off Wine Tasting, and A Drive to Remember

Today was incredible. 1.5 years with my one and only Mr. Potatohead.

Things didn’t go quite as planned. We woke up 2 hours behind schedule, I ended up taking an important call in the car while parked in the parking lot of a random Burger King (not ghetto at all), and the Napa Castle of Love took 2 hours longer than we had expected to get there. But thats okay, since we do things the Potatohead way. We improvise :P. Many hurdles, GPS fails, and 1 lane-d highways later, we finally arrived at the legendary Castello di Amorosa. Or so we thought. We turned into this random fork in the road and ended up in this shady deserted forrest area. Sure didn’t look like any Castle of Love….

Thankfully, we managed to roll onto the correct long winding driveway up to the correct castle a while later. We opted for the guided tour, for the 2 hours of so, we learned a LOT about medieval castles, the art of winemaking, different types of wine, the history of Napa Valley…and most importantly, drank a ton of wine.

Castello di Amorosa & Moi

Potatoheads @ Castle of Love.

This castle has a moat, drawbridge, stables, everything a castle should have, AND is constructed with authentic materials imported from Europe.



Me and my Knight in Shining Armor 🙂

Wine Cellar! Each of these French Oak Barrels are worth $1200…EMPTY.

Wannabe alcholics

In the ancient times knights would plot in these chambers. The king would listen in to all their secrets utilizing the acoustics of the wall and the chandeliers. Shhh!

🙂 Classy potato.

America’s Best Dessert Wine. Il Passito.

Ideal World: Classy Wine Drinker. Reality: One Shot Wonder.

Grapes in the vineyard!

Castello di Amorosa was incredible. The architectural mastery, the authenticity and sharp attention to intricate detail, the scientific fermentation process, the informative tour guide, and not to mention, the incredible wines. I was blown away! My new favorite dessert wines in the whole wide world are Raggio del Sol, a sweet dessert wine with apricot flavors, and La Fantasia, a delicious strawberry-licious concoction. We ended up taking a bottle of La Fantasia home, along with 2 Castello di Amorosa wine glasses.

For dinner, we dined in nearby downtown Calistoga, a quaint town of only 5,500 or so people. Our dinner at Bosko’s Trattoria featured Chicken Marsala, The Godfather pasta, and delicious focaccia bread with garlic, butter, and cheese. Can’t ever go wrong with that combo. 🙂 After dinner, we took a nice little stroll around downtown.Calistoga may be small, but it has many quaint little shops and restaurants, including a train mall – modified from  a real train on train tracks. So cool!

The Train Shops – a mall modified from real trains on train tracks. In Downtown Calistoga!

After an amazing day in Napa, we headed back to our car and started the drive back home. On the way, we decided to take a drive down memory lane at Berkeley….Another post for another day!



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