Tick Tock.


The clock was definitely ticking as I spent all night laboring over my video I made for K & I’s 1.5 Year Anniversary. Frame by frame, picture by picture, I took 7:68 minutes of video to chronicle our incredible journey together in this past 1.5 year. Music, chronologically ordered photos, captions, witty interjections….you name it.

Finally, the fruits of my labor emerged in the form of an .m4v titled: 1.5 Years with You. Then, it was PTFO until 6AM, where my alarm clock mercilessly tore me away from my sweet sweet dream about devouring cotton candy flowers from a hippo. -_- Don’t ask.

I arrived just in time for the 8am training session I was scheduled to co-teach with my temporary mentor. We had a HUGE group of trainees, and pretty much everyone look liked they had just rolled out of bed. It was wayyy too early to be there. Nevertheless, we survived. The rest of the work day that followed flew by.

At 6 20 PM, I pulled out of my parking lot weary and ready for a break. 10 minutes later, I pulled into the parking lot of Disney Interactive to meet my friend Jack for dinner. A short walk and meal to SpiceKit turned into a 4 hour conversation about life, choices, career, and balance, a corporate tour of his ADORABLE office, and a boba run to Ocha. Our conversation really rejuvenated me and inspired me to think harder, farther, and deeper about my life and my choices for the present and future.

At 11Pm, I made my usual drive up the Peninsula to San Francisco, into K’s waiting arms šŸ™‚



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