Working Weekends II: Perks & Discoveries

So our brilliant excursion to Santa Cruz last night has officially gotten me sick. Sniffles, a choos, and the sexy voice of a toad. Wonderful. 9 hours at work on a Sunday? Icing on the cake.

Crazy discovery: I actually really really enjoyed working today. It was probably one of my favorite days at work so far. I had a temporary mentor assigned to me since this was my first Sunday working, and she was amazing. I learned so much today, from managing/coaching to technicals. I also picked up some handy dandy cosmetics handling skills that apparently not many people know in the industry.

My friends say I’m turning into a workaholic…but oh well. I strongly believe when you are starting out in your career, you need to pay your dues. You need to put in hard work, time, effort, and energy. You need to sacrifice. You need to swallow that ego and be humble. Honestly, I’ve had doubts of whether this job was for me. There are some things I haven’t been able to come to terms with. But honestly, there are also some things I really love. The people. Some of my amazing coworkers. My buddy Sylvia and our lunches. Employee perks/discounts :P. Culture. Learning.

Surprisingly, all this was made more clear to me in my head. All while working. On a Sunday. While sick.

It must have been the little perk from my temp mentor.




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