Working Weekends: Fashion Show, Santa Cruz, and Scary Movies At Midnight

Working weekends kind of sucks…but there are definitely perks. Such as:

Watching the fashion show with my mentor!

Today was my mentors last day before her weeklong vacation, so she was super happy. We had a lot of fun chatting up a storm about her vacation plans. She’s so sweet and motherly, and I’m very lucky to have her.

After work, K & I goofed around a bit and went around the mall. Of course, I dragged him to Sephora.

We look more and more alike.

He was more excited than usual, probably because he was snapping pictures of anything and everything with his spanking new white Iphone 5. I must say, I’m impressed with the photo quality of the front-facing camera and the cool panoramic pictures to play with. The maps, data recovery, and some other features of IOS 6…not so much. Some shots from his phone:


My creepy face aside… the flowers in this mall are drop-dead gorgeous. But of course they are… since 2 MILLION dollars a year go to maintenance & gardening.

We headed back to my apartment, and headed to Five Guys. We are fatties for life. Two extra fatty bacon cheeseburgers with grilled onions and a bajillion other toppings. And cajun fries. My tummy :(.

Then, it was off to Santa Cruz. Long windy roads, fog, and creepy dark dead ends. It was quite an adventure to finally get to College 10 at UCSC. It was even more of an adventure when I found myself walking down a co-ed dorm hallway with freshman guys and gals all around me. I couldn’t have felt more ancient. Man….I miss college. K did too, but clearly fit right in:

Russell, meet Russell.

We drove around Santa Cruz in search of food (no surprise there). We strolled along downtown, picking up some hot chai float with marshmallow fluff topping. Then, we decided to be young and exciting again, and be spontaneous. Or rather, I dragged my boyfriend to be young, exciting and spontaneous. And that is, to watch a horror movie late at night. In a pretty much deserted movie theater. In Santa Cruz. At 11pm.

Yes, we are so exciting. -_- The movie – House At The End Of the Street, was pretty chilling in aspects, although falling short on some aspects. The twist was interesting, and surprised me. I won’t spoil the plot here, but lets just say when K tucked me in at 1 am all I could see were creepy blue eyes and crazy big little girls in night gowns.

Sniff Sniff.



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