Friday Frenzy: Deals & Steals, Max’s, and Double Date Minus One

Another hectic day running around at work. No surprise there. Huge Coach bag deal & steal, up-scale fashion show and auction, and finding out my schedule for the next couple weeks? Big surprise there.

Today, I managed to get a sweet deal on two gorgeous Coach leather cross bodies – one for me, and one for my boyfriend’s mommy on her birthday. Can’t wait til they arrive on my doorstep in 7-9 days! I was such a happy camper, I decided to purchase a full size edition of my new ‘signature fragrance’ along with some sunscreen. Cha-Ching. My wallet keeps dieting, while I keep eating and becoming more abundant. Why can’t it be the other way around? 😦

As I was out and about handling one situation after the other, I went outside and discovered this:

fancy fancy.

20 minutes past noon, Sylvia and I headed out for lunch at Max’s. Signature Reuben Corned Beef Sandwich with fries and onion rings? I think yes! And for my social media tale of the day – foursquare can really give some cool check-in offers! Sylvia got the calamari appetizer, I checked in, and voila! The check-in offer = free calamari appetizer. Woohoo!

I like their napkins.

When we headed back, the fashion show/auction was in full swing. First up – Louis Vuitton shoes starting at $1,500….*Escape*. So out of our budget!


My afternoon hit rock bottom when I found out 1. I am working this whole weekend 2. My next break is late next week, which means 9 days of work in a row. Wonderful.

Highlight of the day: Double Date minus One with Sylvia and her boyfriend Ryan. Unfortunately, my poor Mr. Potatohead was still up to his neck with work and couldn’t join us. Nevertheless, dinner was a blast. Our venue of choice – Pasta?, was delicious. Sylvia and Ryan are so cute together!


Lovely lovely evening with friends, good food, macaroons, and Iphone 5-examining.

My goodies.

Hello, my 6 bite sized pieces of heaven.

TGIF. Except, just kidding. I have work tomorrow morning.



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