A Long Day’s Work

My business cards came! Long, full, and hectic day. I’m becoming much better at coaching and mediating conflicts that arise between members of my team. Its amazing how much easier it is to connect with them and truly make an impact in their day. I’ve also familiarized myself with the financials and technical aspects of my role, and its been interesting. Today, I participated in my first official interview with a potential candidate, and I was actually a decent interviewer!

2 things absolutely made my day. 1. Surprise lunch date with my sweet boyfriend who came to visit. We dined the good ol’ diner way at Fountain Creamery (my new Fentons!) with some burgers, fries, and a delicious Oreo Cookie Mint milkshake. Mmmm mmmm mmm.

Fountain Creamery! Good ol’ burgers & fries & milk shake combo

2. Coming home not too early, not too late at 8 30PM to a cozy and nicely made bed, courtesy of the boyfriend.

Its the small things that absolutely brighten my day.



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