Therapeutic Tuesdays.

So after passing out for like 15 hours, I woke up on my random day off feeling refreshed. Or rather…over refreshed. As usual, my day started off with errands. Scurry here, rush over there. Same old same old. Later came the exciting part.

My recording equipment came! My last ever Amazon items that were purchased with no CA sales tax. The end of an era.


Elex and I decided to grab some linner at Mitsuwa for their fabulous and reasonably priced ramen, and then headed over to our usual Lattea for some heart-attack-inducing sugary goodness. This time, we opted for the Strawberry Twist.

Honey Toast.

Gosh, this is why I can never be skinny. There is always good food to try, new restaurants to check out, and all sorts of goodies to keep my tummy full and round. Sigh….

Elex and I hung out at my apartment, where he kindly helped me set up my equipment and we went over recording. I am loving my new mic!


Later, I get a call from K asking for some good hearty sugary honey toast….so off it is to Cafe Lattea again right before they close. K comes rolling in 5 minutes before 11 and we dig into our delicious Caribbean Wave, my SECOND honey toast of the day. I think I’m done with those for awhile.

Oh god I can sense the calories kickin in

Fatty for life.



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