Frisco Sundays: Fillmore, Group K, & Date with Mr. Potatohead

I love Sundays, San Francisco, and singing. Today = my 3 favorites rolled into one. I headed to Fillmore to meet up with the legit bay area karaoke crew Group K. Our room was packed – some people were friends, but most of us were complete strangers bound together by the power of music. Epic epic afternoon that quickly turned to evening.

A romantic dinner date with Mr. Potatohead (who also tagged along graciously for Group K) followed. We chose Tataki, a sustainable sushi bistro over in Pacific Heights. K usually hates sushi, or any seafood for that matter, citing the fact that ‘they are ugly’. *Faint*. Well, today he was a gentleman and we dined and wined over delicious sashimi and sushi rolls.

Fresh. and eco-friendly!


unique dessert mochi

Loving Cup Again – his mehh concoction with banana walnut.

After our delicious dinner, of course it was time for Loving Cup, a quick run to Teaway, and then back to dear old Pacifica. At the ungodly hour of 5am in the morning, I drove down the Peninsula to get ready for work. At least Mr. Potatohead was sweet and made me breakfast.



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