Sacramento Nights: Old Town, Mermaids in Fish Tanks, and Giant Coronas

I love my group of coworkers. We are such a diverse and different group, yet everyone is super awesome, friendly, and fun! I’m going to be sad when we all head our separate ways after our corporate training. Thank god for Facebook and technology so we can all stay in touch!

After a packed and inspirational day of training, we all headed back to the hotel and relaxed for a bit. A bit before 6pm, we headed out to Old Town again for dinner and some minglin’.

my creeper snapshot 😉 walking back from training in the amazing Sacramento weather.


Sick chandelier.

GIANT margarita.

Dinner was mexican at La Terraza. Ryan’s huge margarita definitely stole the spotlight, but the food was delicious too – I ordered the carne asada cheese quesadilla. Mmmm mmm mmm. I live for good food. Especially Mexican, Japanese, Thai, and French. And of course, HK Style dim sum.

Girls pic!

After checking out a few bars in the area, we headed out to Dive Bar in downtown. It was uber amazing – a huge fish tank was perched atop the bar ceiling, there were incredibly amazing pub singers pounding out on dueling pianos, and get this – a mermaid suddenly appeared in the fish tank (with tail, eyes open, and an ethereal mermaid aura about her as she swam gracefully mermaid style around the tank). I was amazed.

WHAT. Mermaids swimming in fish tanks in dive bars?

After hearing the two amazing vocalists croon to Elton John, More Than Words, and even a bit of Carly Rae Jepson, a few of us decided to head back to enjoy our amazing hotel rooms for the night.

But not before we passed by a giant corona beer bottle.

Sylvia’s Asian Ding! = A+

Ben…not so much.

I’ll admit upon first impression I was not impressed by Sacramento. But these last few night outs with my colleagues have really changed my mind. Sacramento is no San Francisco or NYC, but it has its own flare and quaintness to it. Plus, the weather here is amazing. I think I’d like to take a trip back someday just to explore more.



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