Sac-Town to SF: Farewells, State Capital Building Excursions, and Eating Our Way Up the Peninsula

Our last of training was bittersweet – although its only been one short week, everyone really came together and became friends. The comfort of knowing that we were all in this together and have such a good support network with each other is wonderful.

Alas, all good things must come to an end. After our spiffy completion certificates, everyone said their goodbyes. Mariko and her sweet mom drove us back to the hotel, we grabbed our bags, and were off.

Next stop: California State Capital Building.

Capital Building!


BerkBerk represent!

the security guy was super nice and let us go on the other side of the bear bear. Woohooo California!



After our little excursion, we hopped into Sylvia’s car, loaded up on gas, and were off on our way home. Luckily, we were going against traffic. The horrible horrible lines of cars moving at 0.5mph on the other side was quite sad to look at. In no time, we made it back to our beloved Bay Area. The trees, the views on the highway, the towns….even the sky. There’s just something about the good ol’ Bay Area that draws me in every time.

We dropped Ashley off and decided to indulge in some sushi happy hour at Little Madfish. Best Decision Ever. Our Dragon and Sweety Sweet Rolls were BOMB. So delicious, and hit the spot just right. Tapioca Express was just next door….so it was only natural to follow up with that to satisfy our sweet tooth.

Sylvia and our goodies 😉

I only got a chance to put my bags down and change when K arrived from work. When the Potatoheads reunite, it all about more eating. And eating we did. But not before I finally bought him his new aviators as promised with my first full-time paycheck.

Cutie with his stunna shades

Afterwards, we reminisced about our amazing Hong Kong days properly with ABC Cafe & Bakery in San Mateo, and then migrated up north into the city. We met up with Betty, Derek, Kason, and Shang and got our Akiba honey toast fix.

Glorified Cha Chaan Teng

Akiba House! with sexy japanese maids this time

molah and bao yuan err

Its good to be back in the good ol’ Bay Area. However, the temperature difference was incredible. It felt like Asia in Sacramento, pleasantly sunny and warm in South Bay and winter in San Francisco. Brrrrr..



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