Strollin’ Around Old Town Sacramento

Joe’s Crab Shack for group dindin!

After a long day of training, the entire group headed out to Joe’s Crab Shack in Old Town Sacramento, where we feasted on delicious salad (I actually reached for a second helping….) and crab-stuffed shrimp. I was definitely digging the vibe, as everyone was happy and dancing away to the music. It was a sorely needed break from a full day of learning.

After dinner, Sylvia and I opted out of the first round of drinks to explore Old Town before the sun went down. Best decision ever. Although quiet, Old Town was cute and quaint, and featured quite a diverse assortment of stores.

Sacramento River.

Its TED! ❤

Sylvia & Sacramento Sweets Nom Nom Nom

Kite Store

Fats and Moi. Perfect Combo

Salt Water Taffy Heaven

Work it gurl.

Just me and mah heart apron

Love this shot!

boom boom pow

After stocking up on salt water taffies and camwhoring at Evangeline’s, we re-joined the big group and decided to go bar-hopping around Old Town. Hanging out with my new colleagues has been so different, but so nice. Different personalities, different perspectives = great conversations.


But then…. 😉

I think its safe to call Day 2 a smashing success. Now to pass out in my castle of 10 pillows. Good night world.



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