Training in Sac-Town: Day 1

At the crack of dawn…I was attacked. By 15 alarms set for 3:59am, 4:00am, 4:01 am, 4:02 am…and so on. And of course, a routine one from my dear neighbor noisy Caltrain. Blerggghh. I somehow made it onto Sylvia’s car at 5am. We stopped in Fremont to pick up Ashley and some Starbucks to revive our fatigued bodies. Then, we were off to the capital!

The road to Sacramento was surprisingly smooth, and extra fast with good company. We ended up arriving an hour ahead of schedule.

Downtown Sacramento @ 7am

After 45 minutes of direction fail and exploration, we finally spotted a posse of young professionals clad in business formal with bright red name tags. Success! For the next 9 hours, we were actively engaged in corporate training. Through various mediums – activities, informal presentations, lectures, and hands-on activities, we  learned a lot. I was super pumped, although I was absolutely exhausted. The exercises were creative and really got me excited again about my job and potential career track. It was also amazing to meet new colleagues from all over – Oregon, Utah, Washington, etc and hear about their work experiences thus far. At 5 30, we had a nice group dinner at River City Brewing Company. The entrees were so-so, but the company and good conversation kept things interesting.

After drinks (I was a good girl and stayed away), we finally headed over to our hotel. There, I sank down on my heavenly bed. I have refused to get up from it ever since.

woohoo. perks of traveling for work 😉

Sheraton Grand woohooo. Two beds to fit my two tummies I filled with yummy foo today.

Amazing and  promising first day of training week, Check!



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