Googleplex Adventures & Shopping Escapades

After watching dramas until 6am…I rolled out of bed just in time to head to Google for my regular lunch date with my old boss. Since he works in my favorite Google Building (Android FTW), we decided to knock off the last of the Google cafes that we haven’t tried – Tetsuwan Atom Cafe. It’s so cute! The food was delicious.

Side profile.

After 2 hours of insightful conversation, we headed to the game room. Free arcade games all day everyday! Every time I visit him, we battle against each other at some game. Today, it was DDR. Round after round, we danced clumsily to neon arrows and Cascada. It was quite the fun workout, but pretty hilarious in retrospect. My old boss basically watched me grow up from my first job 8 years ago until now, and is like a second father to me. The image of him clumsily hopping and ‘dancing’ to a club beat and working up a sweat is priceless.

My visit made me nostalgic about fun times last summer in tech. Laura, Aki, Amoo, Mary, Inoh, and I and our Google lunch runs…jacking as many free drinks as possible like good Asians. Speeding around on our Google bikes. Tech Talks @ NetApp. North Park Intern Parties. Maneepo. NotApp. Good times!!!!

Sigh. Sometimes I miss being in tech.



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