[Photo Heavy] My Date with the Mountain View Art & Wine Fair

Most cultured Sunday in a while. My day in Mountain View was an absolute blast. Fu Lam Mum Dim Sum and festival-ing with Yifan, festival-ing and Happy Hour with Andrew, and Layang Layang and South Bay tour with Mike.

Looking back, I was at Castro Street for a full 7 hours…from 11am-6pm. Time flies when you are having fun! The Art & Wine Fair was a smashing success, with a huge turnout, impressive group of vendors selling intricate and unique art, and splendid Californian sunny weather to set the tone. The live music, free giveaways, and delicious-looking food were huge pluses too.

Exotic Butterflies. O_O

Stiletto mirrors

I love Castro St ❤

Yifan & I with our Rainbow Shaved Ice!

Andrew chillin in his Hawaiian Sun Chair

Go Bears!

bahahaah alcoholic 😉

So much fun!


Action shot.


Sumo Soap

Sexy Car.


After walking up and down the entire length of the fair from Central Expressway to El Camino Real, we headed to St Stephen’s Green Irish Pub just in time to catch the 49ers game. Roaring crowd, too much beer, half shot wonder (moi) = bad combo. I swear I hallucinated about a giant Heineken can walking by….

I hate beer

After waking up with some delicious Gelato Classico (Thanks Andrew!!), we explored the fair some more until it was time to meet Mike for dinner. I checked out his amazing new pad, met his apartmentmate’s adorable plump cat Pumpkin, and we were off in search of delicious dindins. We settled on my favorite Layang Layang in Cupertino, and I joined him in vegetarianism tonight! And…it was delicious! And as usual, great company & thought-provoking conversation.

Mike and our Roti Canai!

I ended my amazing Sunday doing work at one of my favorite Starbucks. K swung by, taught me how to fully utilize Mountain Lion, and we took silly pics.

^_^ We sho attractive.

Recharged and looking forward to this next week ahead!








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