A Day with Friends

The perks of retail management – random days off. Downsides of R.M. – working on weekends. Eh.

I was super happy today though, because it was the first full day since starting work where I was able to fully relax and kick it with good old friends before they disperse and head off to college again.

I started my morning the right way – having breakfast with K at the new hotspot in Tino: Cafe Lattea. A chic ‘gourmet experience cafe, Cafe Lattea serves delicious milk and coffee drinks as well as fantastic brick toast. I liked it so much I visited twice today.

Grass Jelly Silky Milk

After sending K off to work, I successfully plowed through my fat list of errands – car maintenance, bank runs, customer service calls, etc. Then, it was happy time with friends!

I met up with Elex and we had a blast Happy Hour-ing like old times at Music Tunnel. The rest of the afternoon was epic. We headed over to chill at Elex’s house, where he gave me a Music Industry 101 on production, sound engineering, and the money-making hierarchy in the entertainment industry. He taught me how to use his pro mixing software and we even produced a techno club music track together. He is incredibly knowledgeable about everything music or industry related, and I was extremely impressed. Then we sat back and just sang songs together, with Elex on guitar.

Elex and his cool new do

After our usual Verde dinner, we headed back over to Cafe Lattea. Finally, I was reunited with everyone. Michael, Chaami, Francis, Elex….everyone started showing up. Over milk teas and a gigantic Matcha Strawberry Brick Toast, it was just so nice to catch up.

Giant Brick of Happiness



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