Life after work is so different. Maybe because my first week was extra hectic, but I was so drained by the time I got into my car to drive to San Francisco. My 8 months of traveling and playing prior probably didn’t help the transition too much either. I am loving my job and learning tons, but it will definitely take awhile to get used to the hours.

To celebrate the completion of my first week of work, K & I went swimming. Haha! Super random, but super fun. We had a blast ‘racing’ each other, ‘jogging’ through the pool, and diving off the super high dive boards. It was our first time together in the water, and it was epic. Ooh and I won every race.

Then, we headed into the heart of the city to celebrate K’s first paycheck. He took me out to our usual favorite Loving Cup & Umami Burger. As usual, Loving Cup blew me out of the water with its freshness and unbeatable taste. K & I were experimental in our dessert combos, but everything tasted amazing. Yep, us cool kids had dessert and then dinner. We headed to Umami Burger, where I tried out their Manly Burger. It was extremely Manly indeed. Happy Dinner Date with Mr. Potatohead!

I love my loving cup!

My Manly Burger.

Of course, the rest of the night was devoted to my new it-thing for Friday nights – mahjong. This time in Daly City with Derrek’s mom’s glittery tiles from Hong Kong. So fierce!


Great start to a great weekend! 🙂



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