SF Saturdays

You learn new things every day. Like – regardless of how old I get, I still have the alcohol tolerance of a 2 year old. The sad sad fate of the half shot wonder. Or, more excitingly, how to play mahjong.

After a lovely daytime date with K around Daly City, we headed into the Mission for my lovely friend Laura’s birthday festivities at Limon Rotisserie. The place was swarming with people, and with good reason. They make a mean cocktail, and the food is amazing. Company was great as well, except K and I felt super old in the company of more than 20 college students. A few more alumni joined in later, so that was all good. My darling birthday girl looked byootiful, and all was fine and dandy until I got tipsy off 5 sips of my Bravo Yo…

Awww we look so happy! 🙂

Bday girl opening my present ❤

Fail its blurry..but yay!

Of course. Its Netappo in the City – Lolah Molah & Amoo! With our NetAppo face.

🙂 Good times. Hope you had a great one babygirl ❤

We continued the night with our boba fix at the usual Purple Kow, before heading to Brisbane. At Shang’s beautiful architectural marvel of a house, the boys introduced me to the magical world of mahjong. Round after round, the jade tiles clicked as we played deep into the AMs. Perhaps it was beginners luck, but K won 3 and I won twice. Mahjong is so fun!

Master Kevin and Shang

Fun fun fun last Saturday before work starts!



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