Moving Done Right

Today, I officially moved into my new apartment.  Thanks to the KKC Dream Team (K & his two super awesome siblings), Shawn, and our Jewish acquaintance who’s name is escaping me unfortunately :((, moving in was a dream. It was hands down the most efficient and fun moving experience I’ve ever had.

Meet my roommates 😉

After a rather…exotic U-Haul and Jack-In-The-Box afternoon experience, Team KKC arrived and we got down to business. I’m taking over my best friend Charlie’s bed, keyboard, coat rack, and boxes of miscellaneous items, so I’m sure the boys had a ball weightlifting everything from his old room to the U-Haul.

Buff men 🙂

It was even more fun getting everything from the U-Haul to my new pad. Since my new place is town-house style with a narrow turning staircase, my bed frame was stuck for what seemed forever. K & Kason didn’t give up, and eventually we were able to force the wood to bend a little and fit it through the space. Mission accomplished.

Intense moments.

We were amazingly prompt for our 9pm reservation for Sumiya Yakitori as well, arriving at 9pm promptly. We feasted on potato mochis, skewers, donburi, green tea brulee, and black sesame panna cotta. Mmm mmm mmm. And of course, we followed that up with some tasty Verde boba. Cheers!

My beloved Potato Mochis

Cheers to the Move-in Dream Team! ❤

What a productive and happy day 🙂



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