Looking Forward

I start work next next Monday. That will be the start of a whole new era.

Since I am going into Management, I must first look the part. My company has strict measures on appropriate corporate attire, so it looks like I will be spending my days hobbling in 3 inch heels. Wonderful, especially since I can’t even last long on 1 inch heels. My trip to NYC has proved fruitful in providing some appropriate guinea pigs.

My feet are crying just from looking at them.

In order to practice carrying ourselves like working professionals, K and I decided to spend the day acting like mature adults.


All Grown Up. Yep.

Eatting wholesome meals @ Gyukaku

Being great drivers

Healthy late night snacks

Except, just kidding. I realized just because we are both growing up and taking full steps toward adulthood and its complementary gifts of responsibility and discipline…it doesn’t mean that we have to stop enjoying life. Yes, sometimes we act like kids. We should really stop pigging out all the time. We lack discipline. In our free time, we are guilty 20-somethings leading hedonistic lifestyles like good Millennials. But so what? When we pull into our work place, we put our game face on and get things done. We are people of our word. We know our priorities, and we know what we want.

Up til now I always envisioned myself making an apparent transition to adulthood. Sometime, somewhere, somehow. I never fully thought it through, but in the back of my head I was always anticipating that day. The day that the bubbly and snack-loving klutz would suddenly grow up and carry herself like a polished professional businesswoman.

Now I realize, there may never be that day. And there really shouldn’t. As long as I do my part and build my career, I have the rest of my life after-hours to enjoy being me.

I’ve come to terms with it finally. Regardless of how I fare in the full-time professional world, I will never be a graceful straight-edge and serious businesswoman 24/7. Whether I am wearing Manolos or Target pumps, there will always be that chance that I will trip over the floor, walk into a pole, or break a heel. Regardless of how serious I can be in a heated business debate, I will always be that gleeful fat little girl whenever I feast on Chipotle, Hot Cheetos, or ice cream.

Future, bring it on!



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