Those Levain Bakery Cookies…

So the highlight of my last morning in NYC was definitely my excursion to Levain Bakery. Amidst frantic packing, a little voice in my head started screaming CHOCOLATE CHIP WALNUT COOKIES. Non-stop. Despite the fact that Levain Bakery was far off in Upper West Side, I threw my luggage to the side, grabbed my wallet, and hopped in a cab.

Yep…I took a 20 minute cab ride through New York traffic for cookies. Classic fatty.

Oh man, when I sunk my teeth into that still-warm-freshly-baked Chocolate Chip Walnut BEAST of a cookie, everything was worth it. The day was suddenly more beautiful, and I wanted to give everyone in my general vicinity a hug. They really are that good.

My little piece of cookie heaven.

At 4 bucks a pop, they are definitely on the pricey side. However, the sheer size and richness of the figure is seriously enough for a whole meal.

Cookies all day err day



I packed up my goodies, and then cabbed back. I left Andrea and Steph a pack of cookies with their little postcards, and got ready to leave. Jeff showed up promptly at 1pm, and we prepared to head to La Guardia.

Then tragedy struck. Absolute catastrophe. I left my cookies inside the hotel room. I was devastated. I miss my cookies.



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