SoHo, Ippudo, 9-11 Memorial, the Charging Bull & Pio Pio

It was a beautiful Tuesday morning in the city…so beautiful, that I was confined to my comfy hotel bed unable to move lest the golden rays of sunlight seeping through the window cast their warm glow elsewhere. I drifted in and out of my dreamlike state, happening to miss every single alarm. Darn it. I rolled out of bed eventually and headed to Grand Central. I missed the subway by one second, and ended up receiving erroneous directions from multiple old ladies. Fed up, I hailed a cab and rushed to visit Ilan at his workplace in SoHo. Fashionably late, I rushed up the stairs and was greeted by Ilan looking smart in his work attire. He showed me around the shop, which featured an impressive array of designer goods at even more impressively reasonable prices. We caught up a bit more until it started getting busy. I ended up trying on quite a few dresses and settled on a rusty gold Calvin Klein dress for work. I’m slowly but surely building up my work wardrobe!

The clock struck 12, and as usual I was late. I hugged Ilan goodbye and rushed toward the nearest Subway station. Yippee for me as it started raining the second I stepped back onto the street. Somewhat drenched, I was reunited with Claire at Astor Park. Hand in hand under her adorable umbrella, we walked the 5 seconds to Ippudo. It appeared that today was my lucky day, since the usual two-hour wait was only 10 minutes. Ippudo did not disappoint – my taste buds are still craving that delicious thick broth. My company, of course, was equally amazing.


My gorgeous big sis and her Special Ramen


After stuffing our faces, we headed to Century 21, apparently known as NYC’s best kept secret for bargains & steals, for a little retail therapy. Sure enough, Claire and I snagged an amazing Estee Lauder Deal with amazing samples. Thirsty from all the shopping, we headed to Starbucks and chatted like excited schoolgirls in the long line. 10 minutes later we realized it was the line for the bathroom. Definitely the epiphany of the day. Embarrassed, we strolled to the correct line as nonchalantly as possible. We got our drinks and slunk outside with our heads bowed.

Next stop was 9 11 Memorial. Since I moved away from New York 2 months before September 11, the memorial held special sentimental value to me. It was nice to be able to pay my respects to the diseased. I also thought the creative design with light reflections for the new tower was an amazing concept. We didn’t stay for long, but somehow I felt like I finally completed what I wanted to do a long long time ago.

9 11.

Claire and I headed to Wall Street and made our way to the Charging Bull. Finally, I was able to molest its balls. As Claire says it, rub ‘em good for good luck! And that I did…and even performed extra services (see below).

Me and my balls

Me & Claire and our balls.

Hehe your welcome Mr. Bull. Tip please?

Then, Claire and I strolled towards Battery Park and made our way to the pier facing the Statue of Liberty. We sat on the benches facing the Statue of Liberty and continued our happy chats.


We met up with Andrea and headed back to Lexington. Claire parted ways with us, and we decided to do what we love best: shopping at Bloomingdale’s. I headed straight for the Shoe Sale section like a good Asian and fell in love with two pairs of heels – versatile enough for work, day and night with a hint of sass. After the 40% additional discount, the Michael Kors and Pour La Victoire pumps were $120 total. Then, I whipped out my secret weapon: my Hong Kong Identity Card. Mwahaha. Unbeknownst to most, visitors with a valid foreign ID are eligible to 10% off almost all purchases (excluding Tory Burch and some specific high-end brands). I left Bloomingdales an extremely smug shopper.

Andrea is ZZzing, but still pretty. Girls pic! ❤

Steph in her shoe heaven!

Andrea and I spent the remainder of night in engaging conversation at Pio Pio, where we proceeded to demolish a whole chicken, a huge plate of sausage and fries, beans and rice, insert Peruvian term for exotic dish with sauce*, and Sangria. Oh and of course, cupcakes, flourless chocolate cake, and pumpkin pecan cheesecake from Magnolia Bakery for dessert.

Pio Pio

Magnolia Bakery Cupcakes are bomb.

I am not a fatty at all.



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