Spectacular Sunday to Magical Monday

Spectacular Sunday

Sunday was a girls day out. Andrea, Steph, Sylbia, Nancy and I enjoyed a lovely brunch at Five Points near NYU. They had the most delicious and fluffy lemon ricotta pancakes I have had in my entire life.

The girls 🙂

After brunch, the SoHo shopping commenced. Bloomingdale’s, Express, Victoria’s Secret, Marc Jacobs, Reiss, Prada…you name it. As the day flew by, Steph Andrea and I found ourselves laden with shopping bag after shopping bag. Our smiles grew bigger and bigger as our wallets got thinner and thinner…while our feet got sorer and sorer. Thats when you know you had a successful shopping expedition – tons of shopping bags, considerably lighter wallet, and sore feet.

To celebrate, we headed to St Marks and feasted a very authentic, quirky and unique Japanese restaurant called Kenka. The food was delicious and decently priced, and the ambience screamed ‘Authentic Japan’. They featured some rather..exotic things on the menu including turkey testicles and bull penis. You can get yourself some of those with a whopping 6 bucks. See below:

One order of turkey testicle, coming right up!

We passed on the offer, but I guess the food turned me a bit kooky:

My new look

We all enjoyed dinner immensely, especially the cotton candy mix we received with our receipt. We rushed outside to the machine like excited schoolchildren. We lined up and made some sweet pink cotton candy!

Cotton Candy yay!

After some delicious T-Kettle oolong milk tea with chewy boba, we headed home and called it a day. Andrea and I snuggled down in our blanket and watched one of our favorite oldie Asian dramas until 3am.

Magical Monday

4.5 hours later, I rolled out of bed and headed out to Ess-a-Bagel to grab breakfast with my old Berkeley roommate Audrey. We caught up over Everything Bagels with Strawberry Cream Cheese Spread (delicious) and coffee. It was nice to reminisce a little, as well as talk about our experiences since college. I think we’ve both grown up a lot thanks to our dynamic environments.

Catching up with old roommie Audrey @ Ess-a-Bagel 🙂

Soon, it was time to rush to meet Claire, my big sister from Berkeley that I haven’t seen for more than a year. She was still as sweet and gorgeous as ever, and took me out to an adorable cafe named Alice’s Tea Cup Chapter 2. The quaint little restaurant is Alice-in-Wonderland themed, and is gorgeous down to the tiny little details. We ordered the Mad Hatter tea set, as well as two exquisite tasting teas – the signature Alice’s Tea and the Apricot Brandy. For the next three hours, we chowed down on our food and chatted our heart’s content.

Mad Hatter

Claire Jie Jie & I!

Then hand in hand, she took me down Madison Avenue to pick up some heavenly macaroons from Laduree. These macaroons are actually air-imported directly from France, and they are truly out-of-this-world. Albeit on the pricey side, the packaging is elegant and the perfect culmination of sugar, eggs, and whatever magic they put in macaroons won me over completely. The rose petal and the orange blossom in particular, had me raving with taste bud orgasm. As the icing on the cake, Claire took me to a beautiful lake smack in the middle of Central Park where we sat on a park bench, continued our conversation, and snacked on our bite sized rainbow-colored pieces of heaven. The sun was bright, the breeze was just right, and the view of the miniature sail boats gliding on the lake surface was just perfect.


Rose Petal Macaroon & Central Park


Later, we took the subway downtown to Brooklyn, where Claire showed me the beautiful City Hall. The architecture surrounding the metro station was all heavily European-influenced and gave off an air of grandeur. We were about to head towards the 911 memorial when I realized it was time to meet up with Andrea and Steph in Union Square. Claire and I hugged goodbye, and I rushed out to Times Square in anticipation of the next item on the agenda: Ghost the Broadway Show.

Andrea and I at the Lunt-Fontanne

Steph & Andrea 🙂

Ghost was spectacular, and most likely the best Broadway Show I’ve seen yet. Not that I’ve seen many though – with faint childhood memories of Phantom, Chicago and Cats, as well as a viewing of Wicked in recent years back in San Francisco. The screenplay, the acting, the props, the music, the lighting – everything just synergized and melted together so perfectly that my eyes were glued to the stage. I’m unashamed to say that I literally cried during the sad part.

Times Square

We topped off this magical monday with epic karaoke with Jeff until 3am at Karaoke Duet 35. Happy, hoarse, and bittersweet night.

I miss Cali, but I don’t want to leave New York.



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