Chocolate By the Bald Man, Bargain Shopping, and Times Square

After our 3pm wakeup, we headed to Grand Central and ended up picking up some cute Steve Madden pumps at Strawberry. Then, we promptly hopped on the express metro to Union Square. For ‘breakfast’/’linner, we dined at Max Brenner, more affectionately known as Chocolate by the Bald Man. When Ilan told me about Max Brenner’s chocolate syringes, I was sold. And sure enough, Max Brenner was delicious. It was also Andrea and I’s first solo dinner in NYC. Over scrumptious mac and cheese, an over-the-top amazing hazelnut chocolate shake named Alice, and a banana chocolate waffle, Andrea and I had an amazing conversation about our past, present, and future goals. Quality and HONEST heart-to-hearts are the best part about a decade-long friendship.

Chocolate by the Bald Man – Max Brenner

Delicious Hazelnut Chocolate Milkshake


After stuffing our faces and loading up on some chocolate goodies at the Max Brenner Chocolate Shop, we started our shopping expedition around Union Square. First stop: Nordstrom Rack, my go-to location for discounted designer wares. Sure enough, we emerged literally hours later with our trophies. Particularly notable for me was an $420 leather jacket from Michael Kors that I nabbed for $100, 3 Calvin Klein dresses for work at $35-$54 (they originally retail for about 115 each), and Fendi sunglasses to match my wallet for $89. I don’t even want to know what the original retail price would have been. I was an ecstatically happy camper. Andrea didn’t fare so badly either with her 2 pairs of gorgeous pumps, especially a unique snakeskin pair from Coach, and a slew of other bargain steals.

We dropped off our stuff at the hotel, got ready, and headed out to Albert’s farewell party at Ichi Umi. Albert was pretty far gone…but it was nice to have a Shanghai 2010 reunion – Albert, Andrea, Jeff, Caleb and I reunited in NYC, minus Sol. Everyone’s headed down their own paths all over the world, but the memories will still be there. Shanghai World Expo, wheelchair expeditions, that crazy night at G+, the Hangzhou visit.

Albert’s Farewell @ Ichi Umi!’

To end the night, we headed to Times Square and enjoyed the beautiful view. There really isn’t anything that shines as bright as Times Square.

Mondrea. Times Square. NYC Summer 2012



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